1)     Is it normal to doubt your salvation?

      It is not unusual for Christians to have moments of doubt – after all, the New Testament went to great lengths to help people know that they were saved. Many Christians, as some point in their Christian life, have moments when they truly wonder if they are saved. This doubt is one of Satan’s most effective snares that cause Christians to become inactive in their spirituality; after all, if you aren’t certain of your faith then you will not be active in pursuing it.

       Besides the iconic account of “Doubting Thomas” in John 20, we also find a great man of God in Judges 6 that doubted God. We find that Gideon, had to ask God to show him twice, His will. The best way to cure your doubt is simply to ask. In both Thomas’ as well as Gideon’s accounts, they sought clarification from the Lord, and He provided it.

       If my son ever wonders if he is truly mine, all that he has to do is ask and I will gladly tell him. When he asks, I will simply show him his birth certificate, all of the sacrifices that I have made for him, show him the way that I love him unconditionally and lovingly remind Him that I don’t do that for everyone – just my kids. To me, he is different than everyone else because he is my son. If we are willing to ask God to show you, He promises to do so.

       Doubting your salvation may not be uncommon, but know that God wishes for all His children to know that they are genuinely His. 1 John 5:13 says “These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life …”; God does not want you to doubt, but to know. So once God reveals that you are saved, take that assurance and settle it in your heart so that the devil can no longer tempt you with doubt.