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Apr 21 Devotion: Making a Stand

Proverbs 12:3 – A man shall not be established by wickedness: but the root of the righteous shall not be moved. We know that the only solid foundation for our lives is the Solid Rock, our Savior. Our foundation is sure. Likewise our root is sure. We are rooted in Christ, graphed into the vine through his blood. Jesus is both our unbreakable and unmoving footing while simultaneously being our ever enduring anchor that secures us to the Rock. The righteous delight in the law of the Lord, they keep His commandments, they hide His word in their hearts, their walk is upright and their conversation glorifies their Heavenly Father. There are established and kept by the immutable promises of God and nought in Heaven, Earth or Hell can change the work of God that anchors them to Christ. Our root is never degrading, it secures us as much as every single other person that  trusted in Christ. Our foundation cannot crumble because it is made of the unchanging Son of God. Christ never changes, but some refuse His establishment and His root. There will be times in your Christian walk that you will have to take a difficultly stand. It may be against a topic that the world seems controversial, it may be a stand against the way your loved ones are currently living, it may be a stand on the job that endangers your employment, it may be a stand that separates your from those who called themselves your friends. This stand is not hard because we wrestle with right and wrong, it is hard because we must face the realization that: 1.) we may lose fellowship with those that we love and care about; or, 2.) our stand may bring us into the forefront of hardness. The flesh is cowardly and hates making stands for the Lord. Our heart is deceitful and will try to persuade us that our affection is worth compromising for. Our own carnal being will struggle to keep us from making a stand. But if we are ashamed of the Lord he will be shamed of us. By compromising, caving, or capitulating we cut ourselves off from the root that gives us life and the rock that stabilizes our walk. Making a stand takes commitment, effort and resilience. It is not easy to stand in the midst of a storm, but we have been assured that making a stand for righteousness’ sake is never a stand that we weather alone. We will be established and root will not fail. Most often, I have found that when we make a stand for what is right God safeguards us from the ills that our flesh feared. Yet, when we do sacrifice something in order to make stand for righteousness, God is faithful to replace, restore or reward our faithfulness with something greater than we lost. The most dangerous thing to do when confronted with a choice is nothing. The most detrimental thing we can do is relent. The most disastrous thing is trying to continuing living after stepping off our foundation and severing our roots to the Lord.

Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster


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