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Dec 30 Devotion: Playing Church

Matthew 11:15-20, Exodus 32:15-20


1. Many are playing church and don’t know it.

2. Many don’t take the church seriously anymore.

When Playing Church

I. When the Church does not magnify the Word of God.

   1. II Timothy 2:15, 3:14-16, II Peter 1: 19-21

II. When church is full of carnally minded Christians

   1. Amos 8:6, Rev.3:14-17

III. When the church building is worshipped

   1. Matt. 24:1-2, (supper rooms instead of upper rooms)

IV. When the church doesn’t magnify prayer

   1. Luke 8:1,James 5: 16

V. When the church is not directed by the Holy Spirit

   1. Job 14:16-17,26, Job 15:26, Job 16:13, Acts 4:31

VI. When the church fails to stand against the works of the devil, evil

   1. Amos 7:10-17, Acts 6:12, 7:54

VII. When the church does not grow-win souls

   1. Proverbs 11:30, John 15: 1-6, II Peter 3:18

-Bro. Mike Goodson


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