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Dec 4 Devotion: Stilled by Faith

Psalm 46:10: “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”

This verse, and the psalm as a whole, has been a source of great encouragement and comfort to a great number of believers through the millennia since it was penned. Yet, too often, people quote this verse and fail to understand the context behind this source of strength from God’s Word.

First, let us look at the situation of this Psalm. Verse 1 speaks to the amazing strength and refuge that God is for His children. Here we read the cherished words that God is, “a very present help in trouble.” Verse 2 proclaims that because of God’s greatness we will not fear, even if the very ground of the earth passes away from under our feet. When the psalmist wrote be still, he was referring to times of trouble, when all around us seems to be shifting sands. The psalmist is proclaiming that you can be still, stand on the Word, power, and faithfulness of God and know that you will be okay.

Second, let us look to how we are meant to be still. The act of being still is not meant to be in cowardice or fear. Though the very earth pass away around us, we can boldly stand while remaining still. We are still because we know that the only place firm during times of trouble is standing upon the solid rock of Christ. It is faith that stills is in trouble. When every fiber of our flesh is telling us to abandon ship or find something in the world to cling to for safety, it is faith that no only keeps our feet planted on the Rock and allows God to reward our faith with the blessing of peace that comforts us into being still while standing.

Finally, let us examine the danger of applying this verse out of context. Every Christian will experience times of trouble, but trouble is not an excuse to stop out march as a soldier of Christ. I’ve heard people teach and exhort others that anytime something catches us off guard, it’s time to hunker down and “be still” while they fortify their spiritual bunkers. This dangerous doctrine would have anyone who purposes to live for Christ holed up in isolation permanently, for those that live godly will suffer persecution. This verse is not a command to take shelter in the time of trouble, God is our shelter. We are meant to stand, even after we have exhausted all of our strength, for God is our strength.

We are meant to shine the light of Christ, and we cannot do so in an underground shelter. Our light shines brightest when the situation around us gets darkest. By faith in God’s Word, trusting that He is able to do what He has promised, we can stand openly in the darkest times because our faith has stopped the uncertainty of our heart and flesh. We can proudly and boldly stand at attention having unwavering confidence in our Lord. The whole point of verse 10 is to encourage an inward stillness so that outwardly we can stand resolutely in the face of uncertain times.

Your fellowservant in Christ,

Bro. Jordan Foster


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