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Dec 6 Devotion: Needlessly Afflicted

Psalms 147:3 – “He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds.

We should praise the Lord with all our soul for this verse in the Bible. Praise God that he takes care of his own. He is the Great Physician and in His might and power He can  heal anything that could afflict us.

It is the will of God that His children have their broken hearts mended and their wounds bound up; however, a doctor can only treat a patient that seeks help. Jesus told as much to the Pharisees in His earthly ministry. Today’s devotion concerns “Needlessly Afflicted.”

How many Christians bear open wounds that have never been treated by the Lord? How many have broken hearts that ache without cause? After someone suffers heartbreak, or is wounded in service of the Lord, sometimes that person is convinced that they deserve the pain which they carry everyday. Other times,  they have dealt with the pain so long that it has become a part of their daily lives. If you’re hurt, run to the Lord. If your heart is broken, call on the Master. There is no need for the children of God to be perpetually heartbroken or wounded. There is no merit in suffering needlessly. The Lord wishes to heal the aching, but in order to heal us the Lord requires that we:

1) Submit to His Care – As you GIVE your pain to the Lord, you must not take it back. The Lord will edify us, cleanse us and mend us so long as we continue in His prescription. What good is a bandage if I remove it right after a doctor applies it? I must trust in the Lord and that He will perform that which He has promised. I can either submit to his treatment or continue to wallow in needless pain. Either way, the choice is mine.

2) Safeguard the Healing Process – You don’t run a marathon the day after you received a cast on your broken ankle. The Lord will give us strength to endure the healing, but we must be aware of our own limits. If you have been wounded by someone or something it may not be wise to head right back to the place you we hurt. Rushing back into the same situation will only result in a repeat injury or a worsened one. The Lord’s timing is perfect and we must do all we can to ensure that we aren’t stepping out of His will to pursue what we think is best.

3) Stay Vigilant – After healing we must not think that we are invincible. In fact, we are all but powerless to do anything outside the Lord. Stay alert for pitfalls and snares of the Devil, give your whole heart to the Lord and others will not be able to break it. Be ever vigilant, because the serpent bites the one that breaks the hedge. If we are constantly being wounded we are not fulfilling the Will of God in our lives. God called us to be soldiers not patients in a hospital. Everyday is continue on without treatment is a day that I cannot fully perform the work the Lord has set out for me.

In conclusion: you may be hurt, understand that you don’t have to stay hurt; you may be well, be on the lookout for those who need help like the “good Samaritan;” and, always remember that no one is strong enough on their own … but I can do all things through Christ.

Your fellowservant in Christ,

Bro. Jordan Foster


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