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Dec 7 Devotion: Do you treat Jesus like He’s Santa Claus?

Text-  James 4:3- Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.

Thank God for Christians who serve Him because they love Him! Unfortunately, many serve Him only for His blessings or what they can get from Him. They wish to sit in His lap and make their requests know only to pout or throw tantrums if He doesn’t grant their every desire.

*Do you treat Jesus like He’s Santa Claus?


  1. Only REALLY Seeking Him once a year?

  1. Giving Him a shopping list of extravagant gifts in exchange for “cookies” or your pennies for the bell ringer outside of a store?

  1. Showing up in your pajamas?

  1. Expecting Him AFTER midnight instead of AT midnight?

  1. Want Him to leave His home in the north to visit you, yet you don’t want to visit His home. (Some just want to watch Him on TV and not show up at all!)

  1. Looking for what’s in a sleigh and not what’s in the scriptures!

  1. Expecting Him to be full of jolly towards you regardless of how you’re living or treating Him!

Jesus is not a “sugar daddy”, He’s the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! He is worthy of all honor, glory, reverence, and respect regardless of how He chooses to or not to bless or answer any of our requests! In going to the cross and providing our means for salvation is far more than anything we could ever deserve from Him! If He chooses to do something beyond that for us (and He so often does), than we are just the more blessed! The real secret to receiving from God is found in giving to Him and others cheerfully!

-Pastor Doug Foster


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