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Dec. 9 Devotion: Blank Pages

Blank Pages

2 Timothy 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

We are all familiar with this verse. We use it so often when trying to teach others and convey to them the importance of Scripture. I want to focus on the first 2 words here though: All scripture. I was reading the other day and came across pages in my Bible that I had nothing on them. No sticky note, no notes I had written, no references I had put in or anything. Not even a reference to a message I might’ve heard from that portion of the Bible. It really got me to thinking. How much of the Bible do we just kind of read through and not really study? Think to the beginning of the Old Testament. Some of that can be boring when you get into the begats, etc. We get into all the rulers and such and we can just read right through everything and think it’s not really all that important to us in todays world. The Bible still says all Scripture is profitable. We read through the law and think since we aren’t living in those times then it’s not pertinent to us. Think of some of the other books in the Old Testament. We know a lot of the Psalms. We know a lot about Job and Jonah and what their stories teach us. How much do we know about the book of Zechariah or Zephaniah? I challenge you today to find one of those blank pages in your Bible and ask God to show you something from those pages. It might be a verse that helps you, might be a name to study, or it could be a story you hadn’t really focused on before. If we take the time to dive deeper God will show us more out of His Word.

God bless you today! Bro. Josh Richardson


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