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Feb 17 Devotion: The Word

Mark 7:13 – “ Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

So often, when we hear preaching or teaching on why modern day “religion” is so ineffectual we hear much on the perversion of God’s Word through modern false versions. However, long before there was a “modern translation” of the Bible, people had robbing God’s Word of its fervent power through a much simpler means. These “traditions” which Jesus preached against are still prevalent in our day. People that weekly sit in churches that preach proper doctrine are still guilty of the exact same thing nearly 2000 years later.

First, people are tremendously talented in applying selective hearing. Because someone was raised with certain values, because they care more about the approval of their significant others, because they have ritualistic hobbies or interests, they tune out the Word of God. Because their traditions are at odds with the Word, people with ignore the Bible so that they can continue to hold to their traditions. No amount of preaching, debate or conversation can change their heart. God himself was speaking to man in our text verse, and they desired to kill Christ in hopes of ending His doctrine; so many today Crucify him in their hearts so that they can live without confronting their sin or iniquity.

Also, tradition can mean repetition or habit. How many churches meet knowing ahead of time that they will keep to the same regimented schedule without room for deviation? They do not worship in spirit nor truth because they a habit of what church “is.” They never stop their traditions long enough to ask God what church SHOULD be.

Lastly, traditions also can mean social norms. Somewhere along the line, society decided, and has since pushed, the notion that religion should not be discussed for fear of offending or “inconveniencing” those around us. This tradition has brought fear, doubt and hesitancy to many of God’s children when it comes to spreading the gospel of Christ. The Bible makes clear the call, commission and command to preach the good news of Christ to the whole world; yet, so many people hear that doctrine preached and it is of no effect because they have their traditions of society that they will not infringe upon. Christ offended many, not wrongfully, because His words challenged their notions of God, worship, religion, society and personal choice. You may challenge the very fabric of what the world is comfortable with, but unless confronted the traditions of men will continue unchecked because the church has developed its own traditions that bear no sanction from God.

Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster


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