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Jul 1 Devotion: Who Else is a Rock?

2 Samuel 22:32 “For who is God, save the LORD? and who is a rock, save our God?”

It is a given truth that each person will develop and maintain a network of relations that bring stability into their lives. Family, fellow saints and friends will impact us as we impact them.

We know that no man lives or dies unto himself. The truth behind that is that man is imperfect and requires more than himself for a fully balanced life.

Yet, the danger in relationships is becoming too dependent upon other imperfect beings. Our relationships should be built around the knowledge that Christ has either framed us together or that God has willed another into my life for me to shine a light.

Man will disappoint you, betray you, fail you, leave you and, not least of all, use you. Fellow saints are even capable of leaving you wanting. This knowledge should not shock you, for all flesh was cursed by the same sin.

So others cannot be our rock, lest we risk slipping. Yet, there is one who is THE Rock. It is easy to build your life on others, but it is must more rewarding to build life upon the One who is a rock.

God may use some people to help keep you on the Rock, but they are never the foundation. Peter did much to help the Church through Christ, but Jesus called him a stone. I’ll stick with the Rock that the world cast aside and that God made the chief corner stone.

All my hope is built on nothing less than Jesus.

Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster


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