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Jun 10 Devotion: A Word of Thanks

Colossians 1:3 – “ We give thanks to God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, praying always for you,”

With the services we’ve been having, with the testimonies we’ve heard of people facing hardness and with our coming revival meeting, I can assure you that Satan is planning (or has already sprung) snares you deter you from staying your mind upon the Lord. When hutch members become more focused on the trials of life than seeking the Lord; the church loses its unity. As we’ve been taught by our pastor, without unity there is no unction.

So in light of the struggles that will face us when we set aside in preparation for next week, endeavor to stay in a spirit of revival after, and pursue the mark of Christ … never forget the value of a simple thank you.

Take time in your daily prayers to thank God for those church members whom have been used by God to impact your life. Open thank God for their obedience to Him and petition God to richly bless their faithfulness.

Take a moment to voice to others the positive role that God has used them for in your life. We all “know” that our labor in the Lord is never in vain, but it is also easy to forget that truth while bearing your burdens daily. When times get hardest, the simplest he’s tired of appreciation can propel fellow saints far further than an extra mile. Don’t simply say a hurried, “thanks for all you do.” Speak from the heart and and voice how God has used them to change your life for the better. 

Far too many churches suffer division because bitterness and envy thrive instead of Christ like love. Dispel the potential for a divide by drawing closer to our kindred. Too many churches have people going through the motions because they don’t believe that their actions amount to any results. Too many Christians quit because they feel unappreciated by those they strive to help.

I know that a person complete in their faith sets their eyes upon the Lord. We all strive for that in the spirit, but our flesh is weak. Edify one another in true appreciation for how God has used others and enjoy the sweetness that comes when the brethren dwell in unity.

Your fellowservant in Christ,

Bro. Jordan Foster


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