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Jun 30 Devotion: Having a “Me First” Mentality!

Luke 9:59– And he said unto another, Follow me. But he said, Lord, suffer me first to go and bury my father.

In this text Jesus is teaching His disciples through a parable regarding service. In several illustrations like the verse above, He reveals excuses people offer instead of submitting to God. In each case, the individual had a “me first” attitude.

Having a “Me First” Mentality!

*those whose mindset is “me first”…

  1. Regard Self above measure!

  2. Resist the Spiritual!

  3. Reject the Scripture!

  4. Rebel against the Savior!

  5. Ridicule the Sacrifice! 

  6. Refuse to heed to Sermons!

  7. Reverence Satan!

**what they fail to realize is they…

-Hinder the Church!

-are Harmful to the Churchless!

-Hurt Christ!

-have a Hell-bent Conscience!

May God sear our conscience to die out to self and crush our “me first” mentality! May we truly submit to the Savior first in order to be the Christian He desires for us to be!

-Pastor Doug Foster

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