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June 9 Devotion: Loyalty


2 Samuel 15:18-21 And all his servants passed on beside him; and all the Cherethites, and all the Pelethites, and all the Gittites, six hundred men which came after him from Gath, passed on before the king. [19] Then said the king to Ittai the Gittite, Wherefore goest thou also with us? return to thy place, and abide with the king: for thou art a stranger, and also an exile. [20] Whereas thou camest but yesterday, should I this day make thee go up and down with us? seeing I go whither I may, return thou, and take back thy brethren: mercy and truth be with thee. [21] And Ittai answered the king, and said, As the Lord liveth, and as my lord the king liveth, surely in what place my lord the king shall be, whether in death or life, even there also will thy servant be.

I remember growing up you’d hear of deals or transactions being made by handshake. You didn’t have to have papers drawn up or lawyers involved. People knew who they could trust and who around them were loyal to do what was right. You’d even have some that were loyal to a fault you might say. They were loyal through anything. Look at Ittai here in our text. King David is letting his servants pass by him. He stops Ittai and tells him he should return home. This wasn’t his fight and he should return to his place. However, in verse 21 you see Ittai tell David that where his king goes he will go. Ittai was going to remain loyal to his king. How loyal are you? Can you be considered a loyal friend? What about a loyal Christian? How much loyalty do you look for or expect from someone else. It’s amazing how many times a person will expect someone else’s unwavering loyalty, yet they themselves would turn on a friend at the drop of a hat. How loyal are we to God? We are loyal to our jobs, we will pledge our loyalty to losing sports teams. Do we have that same allegiance and loyalty to the things of God or are we ok pledging our loyalty to something else?

God bless you today! Bro. Josh Richardson

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