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Mar 4 Devotion: Invisible Baggage!

In Luke chapter fifteen we find the famous teaching on the prodigal son. The story focuses on the pull of the world, price of sin, and the pardon of the father. Many relate to it because we have all failed the grace of God and know what it is to receive His forgiveness! In the scriptural account, the father calls for a robe, ring, shoes, and a feast to celebrate the homecoming of his son. It is exciting to see the rejoicing of restoration, however; few contemplate on what the son returned from the far country with that is unseen… invisible baggage.

Invisible Baggage!

*his baggage consisted of…

  1. the Scars of Sin!

  2. a Substance Wasted! (his inheritance)

  3. a Shamed Name! (he’s known as the Prodigal Son!)

  4. a Scorned Brother!

  5. a Sorrowful Spirit! (living with the hurt he caused)

May God help us to be reminded that there are consequences for our choices! Choose wisely for you’ll reap what you sow.

-Pastor Doug Foster


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