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May 25 Devotion: If You Have A Need


DEF. NEED-REQUIRING SOMETHING, A WANT, DEMAND, NECESSITY Sometimes we find ourselves in a place of need. We all find ourselves in that place with no exceptions. It comes in our lives because we are still human. There will be a day when Jesus comes that all of our needs will be supplied and we will never have a need again. But until then needed situations will come. Today let us look at the verse and get some help for when these times come. If You Have A Need 1. The need-“If any man lack”. James 1:5 A. The occasion for this prayer is a need In this case it was for wisdom In our case it may be for other things-comfort, compassion, commitment, confidence, courage, physical, spiritual, mental, financial B. A Need is the only condition set forth here 2. The Method-“Let him ask”. James 1:5 A. Natural choice is to try mans method first B. Asking God is the only method given for meeting needs C. Phil. 4:6, John 14:13, James 4:2-3, Heb. 4:14-16, D. I’ll.- Luke 11:5-13, Luke 18:1-9 3. The Source-“Of God” A. We go in all directions looking for answers B. Only one source that never fails-Phil. 4:19 C. Man lacks the ability to help fully-“limited resources) D. God; resources are “unlimited” E. God has all power, all wisdom, all riches 4. The Measure- “Giveth to all liberally” James 1:5 A. Liberal means-with open hands, give freely, generous, plentiful B. God is not stingy with His blessings C. God holds His hand out and says-“Take what you need” D. Read-Eph. 3:20,Rom. 8:31,32 E. Ill. Ruth-Hand full of purpose-Ruth 2:15-16 Lad-Feeding of 5,000- John 6:1-14 Widow-Empty meal barrel-I Kings 17:8-16 5. The Certainty- “It shall be given him” A. People are not always willing to give-“God is” B. The Word “shall” is an absolute-God is able, God is willing C. Psa. 34:8-10 D. Unbraideth means- to rebuke severely, bitterly, sharply Key word is “not”- unbraideth not E. It pleases God to fill our needs-Luke 11:11-13 Close- Let us not miss our needs being met by God (James 1:6-7, James 4:2-3) Read Jer. 33:3

Bro. Mike Goodson

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