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May 28 Devotion:A Life of Sacrifice

A Life of Sacrifice

Matthew 20:16 So the last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen.

Today is a day we take the time to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy. Many will enjoy cookouts or family time. I hope to enjoy a round of golf. The freedom we have in this country to be able to do things that we want to do, and not be told by someone else how we will live our lives. I think at times it’s hard for us to accept and understand that sacrifice. Why would someone be willing to give their life for me when they don’t even know me. Think about those nowadays that take our freedoms for granted. Those that don’t care of the sacrifice that was made. Imagine how that has to make those that fought for those freedoms feel. How often are those who fought overlooked except for special holidays like this one.

Now think about what Jesus did. He did know us. He knew those that would reject Him, those that would fail Him, knows us all, yet He still came and gave His life for us. There is simply not a greater sacrifice! We should remember everyday what Jesus did for us. If you’ve trusted Him then you have freedom from sin! How often do we think about the spiritual freedoms Christ has for us. It’s that freedom that gives us that peace that passes all understanding. It’s those freedoms that God allows us to live our lives knowing He has it all under control!!

As you take the time to remember those who have fought for our physical freedoms we enjoy don’t forget to remember the one who gave His life for our spiritual freedoms that we will have for eternity!!

God bless you today!

Bro. Josh Richardson


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