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May 30 Devotion: Pure Possibilities

Titus 1:15 – “Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled.”

Paul speaks a great truth in this verse regarding spirituality and the effect it has on perspective. Those whose heart is pure before God see the purity in all things. Conversely, those whose hearts are defiled with iniquity or sin only see the destructive or carnal aspect in the same things.

Those studied in the Word know that there is blessing and cursing in everything. Paul also wrote that all things were lawful unto him, yet not all were expeditious in serving the work of God. Paul saw that there was purity in all things because the Holy God of Heaven created all things; however, a sin tainted view of the world will only illuminate the corruption in all things since that corruption mirrors the defilement in their hearts.

All that being said, those that are pure in the spirit will see possibilities that go untouched by others because those others can’t see the purity (or value) in such. Have you ever looked at a ministry in the church, or an event in your life, and wondered how God utilized third parties outside the church to facilitate the accomplishing of His will for His children? Such events seem peculiar, sometimes even to Christians, but those who are pure see that all things have the capacity to be pure.

Why did God use Rahab, a harlot, to hide his spies? Why did the woman at the well, an adulteress and fornicator, get to tell the whole town of Jesus’ arrival? Why did Samson use a donkey’s jawbone to slay a mass of Philistines? Because God can use anything to His glory.

Imagine being so close to God that that you saw the good in all things. That even when you were struggling you saw the purity in your faith growing and your spirituality being strengthened. Imagine being able to sing praises to God after prayer in a jail cell, because you knew that your imprisonment was the will of the Father. Imagine God using the most unlikely means to meet your most dire needs, because it happens everyday for the pure.

The pure, by seeing the purity in all things, come to appreciate and understand the fact that God can do all things. They learn this not by reading a second hand account of the deed, but be seeing it revealed right in front of them. The pure see things that no one else would believe, because no one else sees the purity in what God did.

I strive to be pure because he commanded me to be Holy as He is Holy. But one of the merciful and gracious benefits of purity is that you can witness God Do things that only He can do. When you live Holy before God, life is just a list of Pure Possibilities for God to amaze you with what He can do.

Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster

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