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Nov 15 Devotion: Dining with the King

2 Samuel 9:7 “ And David said unto him, Fear not: for I will surely shew thee kindness for Jonathan thy father’s sake, and will restore thee all the land of Saul thy father; and thou shalt eat bread at my table continually.

This passage tells part of the story of a man named Mephibosheth, son of David’s best friend Jonathan and grandson to King Saul. With with both Saul and Jonathan dead, Mephibosheth was the next line to receive the throne of Israel by blood. However, God anointed David to be king of Israel; and the custom of the time was to kill the defendants of the previous king so that there would be no challenge to David’s claim to the throne.

Instead of adhering to that custom, David restores to Mephibosheth all the land of Saul, the servants of Saul, and most notably says that Mephibosheth will dine at the King’s table alongside David. This story (in its entirety) is a picture in the Old Testament of the benefits of salvation.

We had no claim to the riches of God, we were crippled by sin, and death was the only outcome for our future … just like Mephibosheth. Then one day, the King brought us before him and had compassion, giving us a brand new life and making us a new creature. But that’s not the thought for the devotion, instead focus on the latter part of the verse, “thou shalt eat bread at my table continually.”

As saints of God and children to the Heavenly Father, we have a permanent invitation to dine with the King. He never refuses us the opportunity to sit down and enjoy an intimate and joyous moment with himself. No RSVP needed, no wait list, no formal wear, just you and God enjoying fellowship. That’s today’s thought, “Dining with the King.” We have the opportunity to sup with God whenever we desire, but how often do we desire to spend time with him. We can personally fellowship with God:

1). In His Word- Instead of the usual small talk and chit chat we engage in with other people, the Lord can direct us through his Word to provide us with everything we could ever need to know out of the Bible. Every time we purpose either study or search out answers in His Word it’s just as intimate as having the God of Heaven sitting across the table and speaking the words that we read on the page.

2). In Meditation – Meditating on the things of God should be a constant act of our daily lives. With the world so depressed and with the devil trying to steal our joy, we must think on the things of God in order to shine a light into the world. Through communing with the Holy Ghost in our soul, we can carry on conversations with God while we reminisce of how great He truly is. It’s no different than sitting at a dinner table and thanking the Lord for all the times he has been the King of Kings and the Friend that Sticks closer than a brother.

3). Prayer – Prayer is not a one way transmission like a walker talkie. If we allow ourselves to hear when the Holy Ghost speaks during our prayer, we can receive instant feedback and fellowship. Remember, that God told us to cast our cares on Him because He cares so deeply for us. In God’s perfect time frame, the prayers we pray may not be answered immediately. But there is great comfort, and even joy, in knowing that the King hears every word we pray, never forgets them, and always answers according to His Will. I can have peace knowing that in Heaven, Jesus is making intercession for me at the right hand of the Father.

How often do we take advantage of our permanent seat the the dinner table of God? Do we wholly embrace the opportunity to walk Hand in Hand with Jesus and communing with the Savior that so loved us that He shed His royal blood for us? There’s a spot just for you placed right next to the Lord, and he desires nothing more than for you to take advantage of that seat and grow your relationship with Him.

Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster


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