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Oct 26 Devotion: Each our own Hunter

Job 38:39 – “Wilt thou hunt the prey for the lion? or fill the appetite of the young lions,” As God speaks to Job in this chapter, the Almighty is demonstrating the completeness of His power. No man could ever hope to step in and hunt like a lion to feed the cubs of a pride. God already equipped the lions to be the kings of the jungle, not only mighty but also stealthy and precise in their ability to hunt. However, there are a few things that we can learn from lions when it comes to desiring the continuation of revival. Lions are a unique and fascinating creation of God and this passage brings to mind a few of their traits. Just as a man cannot fed the pride of lions, no one else can feed your soul’s appetite for revival. You must go and hunt for the nourishment to keep your heart alight with the spark of revival. Lions are generally nocturnal hunters. When the rest of the world sleeps, they are on the prowl for food. Revival will not keep itself aflame In Your heart if you are content to join others in sleeping when you could be searching for food. If you base your spirituality based off what others do, you are far too shallow in your desire for revival. A lion who only hunts when they are near starvation is a desperate and poor hunter. They are too quick to chase anything that could be food and usually waste energy chasing a prize that can not be caught. Lions are also one of the stealthiest hunters. They say, that if a lion is stalking a prey, you could nearly step on the lion without knowing it. They immerse themselves in the tall grass of the savannah, they lower their breathing and creep with caution as to not draw attention to themselves. Who cares if anyone else knows that you are spending time with God? While meeting with the Lord, ensure you get very humble; if His presence is real enough, you’ll be afraid to breathe or move for fear of quenching or grieving His will. Finally, lions are not greedy with the food they hunt. One lioness may catch a prey only to give it to her cubs, or others in the pride. God may fill your cup to bursting and you may not have room for any more of the joy and fire that comes with revival. Share the goodness of God, give liberally to those in your pride (your family, your church, and the masses). Let others taste and see that the Lord is good, that He is great and greatly to be praised. Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster


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