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Oct 31 Devotion: From the Glory to the Gutter!

Judges 13:24-25- And the woman bare a son, and called his name Samson: and the child grew, and the LORD blessed him.

 25 And the Spirit of the LORD began to move him at times in the camp of Dan between Zorah and Eshtaol.


  1. had a Miraculous Birth!   ch. 13:2-3

  2. was Mighty in The Spirit!  ch. 14:5-6; 19/ 15: 14-15/ 16:3

  3. Messed up!  ch. 16:4-5; 16-17; 20-21

Note: Satan will…

-Find you

-Dine you

-Blind you

-Bind you 

-Grind you

From the Glory to the Gutter!


  1. Shifted! ch. 14:2

*on his…




-Surrender (call, commitment, consecration)

  1. Drifted! ch. 16:1

*he started…


-Minding the flesh

-Manufacturing excuses

  1. was Sifted! ch. 16:21

*he lost…

-his Influence

-his Insight

-everything Important to him

**he could have…

  1. Lifted!

*he could have…

-Turned to God!

-Triumphed over his enemies!

-had a Testimony of faith instead of failure May God help us to lift our eyes to him instead of yielding to the wiles of the devil!  -Pastor Doug Foster


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