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Oct 5 Devotion: A Fine Line

A Fine Line

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

We’ve often heard that phrase it’s a “fine line” between something. As we heard in our Sunday morning services this past weekend, that fine line can come down to even just a single letter. It can also be a matter of our heart. What is in our heart is going to come out. Think about that in your daily walk: Bitter or Better? Which are you more inclined to be known for. If something happens to you can you move on and get better or do you tend to get bitter?

Grew or Grow? Which can be said for you? That at one time you grew in the Lord or that you continue to grow in the Lord.

Mad or Glad? What would those around you say about being in your presence? You a person that seems mad all the time or are you glad more often than not? (We have a lot to be glad for!!!)

Selfish or Selfless? Are you more known as that person that would “give your shirt off your back to help someone”? Or do people look at you as just selfish and it’s all got to be about you?

Walk or Sulk? Do you walk with God daily? Do you desire His presence in your life each day? Do you seek His presence in your life each day? Are you more like Eeyore and instead walk around with that wow is me attitude all day? All these things are separated by just a letter or two. There is also a fine line in these things in how others perceive them in our lives. It’s often a fine line that we try to walk daily. Instead of being cold or hot we like to stay lukewarm. Instead we should get off that line and live the victorious life God wants us to live. We then let others see how great a God we serve!!

God bless you today!! Bro. Josh Richardson


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