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Sept 23 Devotion: Have You Really heard?

Mark 4:9 “And he said unto them, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear. These works were spoken after Jesus had just delivered the parable of the sower in Mark Chapter 4. He goes on to explain that those who hear the word, receive it and apply it to their hearts go on to bring forth fruit. Those that truly hear what the Word speaks unto them have fruit to prove that they heard the Word. So my question for you today is: “Have you really heard?”

Have you heard what God has for you to hear today? What truths, insight, teaching or reproof does God intend for you to hear each morning in your private studies? Have you sought it out? Have you applied it? Has it born fruit to show that you are one who desires to hear from God each day? Have you heard the preaching of God’s man? What was the title of either message from Sunday, preached by our pastor? What were the points? Have you meditated upon them throughout the week? Have you desires to apply the message so that our church body will be of one mind and in one accord? Have you asked God to birth in your heart the spirit of revival? Have you heard the call that God issued on your life? What is it that God desires for YOU to do for the Kingdom of Heaven? What is your call that God issued. Have you heard it? Have you submitted to it? Have you faithfully given your all to performing it to God’s standard? There is much to hear, but most Christians stop up their ears. That’s why our Churches, communities, and country are in the shape that we find them in. Not enough hearing and far too much ignoring.

Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster


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