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Apr 1 Devotion: Fear Killed Them

Numbers 13:27-28 – “And they told him, and said, We came unto the land whither thou sentest us, and surely it floweth with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it.

28Nevertheless the people bestrong that dwell in the land, and the cities are walled, andvery great: and moreover we saw the children of Anak there.”

All but 2 of the spies that were sent into Canaan died in the wilderness along with an entire generation. Their fear of what they could see killed them because their faith was so weak that they could not see what God had in store.

Fear kept them eating manna and quail rather than possessing the land of milk and honey. God did not promise Israel the wilderness, He planned for them to possess the land of Canaan. They fought against the will of God when they made the decision to fear.

These were people that walked across a dried-out valley in the midst of the Red Sea. These people saw the power of God manifest through the plagues that were sent upon Egypt. These people literally had the Pillar of fire/smoke leading them through the wilderness. Yet they had no faith.

How much more culpable are we for not having faith considering that the saints are sealed with the Spirit? How much more do we deserve to die off in the wilderness for ignoring those that championed our God and His ability to ensure our possession of a rich land in the midst of wilderness.

For over 2 months we have heard preaching on how God would bless our faith in attending His house in the midst of all those that feared the Corona-Virus. Someone, like These 10 spies, has stirred up the heart of someone at the health department to take action against the people of God.

We were firmly on our way to Canaan, and someone has derailed us to stay in the wilderness. How many people has God cured of cancer in our church? Has not our Pastor avoided a major back surgery through the broken-heartedness of others and the power of prayer? How much more proof do we need that God could protect us from Coronavirus?

I pray that God deals swiftly with those that hinder the advancement of the church. I pray that God provides and sustains the spirituality of the faithful that must now worship in the wilderness. I pray that sooner rather than later God steps in and delivers His church from the cumbersome restraints of the state so that we may worship as one body and in one spirit.

For those that think this is anything other than Satan using an individual as a wedge to divide us and slip in many foxes among the vines, you are delusional. The safest place you can ever be is in the perfect will of God. I’ll continue to pray for those whose faith is weaker than their fear because I know that if they don’t sync their will with the will of God that they will be left to die in the wilderness and God takes His people into the promised land.

This act that defied pastoral authority, which is never the will of God. This act defied all the preaching we have heard for weeks. This act divides the army of God and leaves us all more vulnerable. This act sought to undermine the church…… but God is not mocked.

I pray a space of grace is given for the one who defied God, so that they may repent. I pray that this passes soon, for the sake of God’s faithful followers. I pray it’s a memory before it has time to adversely affect the children of God that crave and need the house of God.

Your fellowservant in Christ,

Jordan Foster

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