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Apr 21 Devotion: He Didn’t Give In!

Matt. 4:1- Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.

In this chapter we find the…

A. Boldness of the Tempter! (he tempted Christ Himself)

B. Bounty of Temptation!

*he tempted Jesus with…

-physical needs (food)

-pride (ego)


c. Blessing that came out of the Temptation! (He didn’t give in!)

*He Didn’t Give In!

*because of His…

1. Calling! (He was called to be the Lamb NOT Lord!)

2. Commitment!

*He was committed to His…





3. Character!

* He came to…

-Fulfil the Law!

-Finalize the work of Salvation!

-do the Father’s Will!

4. Commandment! (to be he holy…)

5. Clutchness!

*you can count on Him in the clutch!!!

Jesus reveals the devil’s devices and how to overcome them, by the Word of God! He does so for our admonishment so we too will not subside to Satan’s snares. May God help us to overcome that we might bring honour to Him and be a light to others!

-Pastor Doug Foster

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