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Apr 24 Devotion: Three Things David Asked For

Three Things David Asked For

Psalm 51

INTRO-This chapter is a prayer of confession for what David had done in II Samuel 11,12.

Three Things David Asked For

  1. Cleanse Me- Psalm 51:1-7 A. What David had done- Transgression, sinned, iniquity B. What David asked for- Blot out, cleanse me, wash me C. Note words-wash me – Psalm 51:2 wash yourself – Isaiah 1:10  wash others – John 13:14

  2. Restore Me – Psalm 51:8-12 A. Had affected His: Eyes-verse3, Mind-verse 6, Ears-v.8, Heart-v. 10, Hands- v. 14, Lips- v. 13-15 B. Restored – to bring back to former place, to recover, to repair

  3. Use Me – Psalm 51:13-19 A. David wanted to be used again B. David wanted to witness – verse 13 C. David wanted to sing, Praise again- verses 14-15

David said – Cleanse me, Restore me, Use me

-Bro. Mike Goodson


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