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Apr 25 Devotion: Investing in Others

1 Corinthians 10:24 – “Let no man seek his own, but every man another’s wealth.

A mark of a Christian is their concern for others. Everything that Christ did was for the lost. Search the gospels and show me where Christ was selfish, took more care for His needs than the needs of others, or where He acted in His own best interest to the detriment of others. Your search will come back with empty hands.

We should likewise seek for the wealth of others rather than our own. If we truly esteem others better than ourselves, we will seek for their advancement instead of our own. Keep in mind that the word wealth is not solely referring to riches in this verse, but the overall wellness of someone else’s life.

We often hear preached that if we love others as Christ loves them that we will share the gospel with the lost. This statement is as true as any claim that can be made. However, there is much more to a wealthy life than simply salvation.

If we seek for the wealth of others we will go the extra mile for both saints and sinners for the glory of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

We will bear another’s burden, even if it inconveniences us, because we understand that sharing a burden means their hardness will be shortened. Our prayer life will shift from an inward focus to an outward one as we invest our efforts in petitioning God to bless those around us. We will readily forgive those who wrong us because we wish them to have the blessings of God in their life (which cannot happen if they continue to harbor ill will towards a child of God). We will make quick work of restoring a wayward brother because we seek to see them once again in the fold of God’s flock.

All this does provide a clearly advantageous blessing to the one who cares more about the wealth of others. When our focus is on doing what we can to enrich the lives of others, our eyes are turned away from the hardship in our own lives. The more you are concerned with God using you to help others, your problems don’t seem to matter as much.

You can’t afford to stay knocked off course when you’re seeking to be used of God to enrich others. You can’t take a “day off” when you’re devoted in service to others because you don’t want their life to suffer for your selfishness.

So, ask God to break your heart for those around you and give you a burden to be a jewel in someone else’s life.

Your fellowservant in Christ,

-Bro. Jordan Foster


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