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April 14 Devotion: Fellowship in the gospel

Philippians 1:3-5 “I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, Always in every prayer of mine for you all making request with joy, For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now;

This passage contains an interesting phrase. The Apostle Paul said that every time he thinks of those saints at the church of Philippi, he earnestly prayed that God would bless their fellowship in the gospel. We know what the gospel is, the Good news of Christ’s coming and His payment for the sins of all mankind. We have a habit of thinking of the gospel as an item, a thing, a piece of news to be spread like a pamphlet or handout. Those that think such are wrong and underestimate the gospel. The gospel is alive just as Christ is alive. Because of the good news of Christ we are granted many benefits as a direct consequence of those things which Christ did while fulfilling the gospel. What then is fellowship? Webster defines fellowship as: mutual association of persons on equal and friendly terms; Partnership; Company; Frequency of intercourse; and Communion. Through the gospel, Christ has afforded us an association with himself. He even stated that He did not call us servants, but friends. We have received the adoption of sonship, making us joint (or equal) heirs with Christ. The gospel includes the living of all the benefits Christ foretold about in His earthly ministry. The good news is that we can be associated with Christ as friends on equal ground. The good news of Christ makes the believer a partner with Christ in the fulfilling the will of the Father. We are not hired help, we are a piece of the good news. We’re you not told of the gospel by another? Where you not brought to the knowledge of Christ by another leading you by the hand? We are part of the gospel, but a part that brings no attention to itself lest the focus be drawn away from the Savior. Because of the gospel, we have company with Christ. How blessed is it to know that I am in Him and that He is in me? He will never leave nor forsake me, I will never be despised by Him or rejected. The gospel also tells of frequent intercourse. Do we count ourselves privileged to have so many church services where the Lord walks by and sits down amongst his people? Or do we take for granted that He inhabits the praise of His people? Whenever we worship in spirit and in truth, he frequents the place where we are. Finally, there’s good news in that we can commune with Christ. Personal, meaningful, life altering fellowship is now possible because of the gospel. No more do men pray to Heaven without assurance that they have entered before the throne of God. No more do laws separate us from Jehovah and keep us exiled from His presence. At last, the Creator is capable of bestowing upon us the communion and personal relationship He has desired to maintain with His creation. He cares for us and desires to saturate every aspect of our life. So, how acquainted are you with the gospel? How much of the good news has been applied to your life. How many advantages have you laid hold upon and treasure? Or do we think of the gospel as something only meant for sinners to hear? Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster


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