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Aug 14 Devotion: Walking in Truth

3 John 1:4 – “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.”

In this passage John is speaking about his “children” in the faith, as Paul similarly referred to Timothy. So if the Apostle who led someone to Christ had no greater joy than his “children” walking in truth, how much more joy does our Heavenly Father take in seeing His children, which were spiritually born through the blood of His Son, walk in the truth?

We know that the phrase “walk” or “walking” means more than literal verb which means to ambulate by using one’s own feet. The metaphorical use of the word means much more. An examination of the phrase “walk in truth” will be the bulk of our devotion today, for we must know what it means to walk in truth if we wish our life to bring joy to Father.

Firstly, the term “walk” can be used synonymously with the term testimony, meaning the whole of our actions as seen from the world’s perspective. Undoubtedly, the Father takes joy in seeing His children embody and then exemplify the truth of His Word. To have a testimony of truth means more than avoiding verbal lies, it means to make every act in accordance with the Word of God. Obviously that involves eschewing lies, gainsaying, uneven balances we hold others to, backbiting, tail-bearing and so on. However, it also means that we refrain from becoming like the Pharisees who preached to others while neglecting to live by such words that they claimed were right and proper. A person who walks in truth will have the benefit of their yeas meaning yea and their nays meaning nay, meaning they believe what they say enough to follow through with it. The true hallmark of walking in truth is when you do not have to tell others what you believe because your walk speaks loudly that you abide within the truth of God.

Second, to “walk in truth” means to tread the path that we call the straight and narrow. John was so filled with joy to hear that the converts continued in truth because he knew that walking in truth is the only way to have fellowship with our Lord. When one keeps the commandments of God, we demonstrate our love of God, just as Jesus preached. Therefore, the way of truth is inseparable from the One who is truth. Thus, to walk the way of truth is to follow the steps of Jesus and a sign of our faith in His Word and our love for His companionship through the Spirit. John was partly filled with joy because he knew that the converts had ceased fellowshipping with the world and developed a love for fellowshipping with Christ.

Finally, “walk in truth” carries a meaning of persistence. It is perpetual, never ceasing. John did not have joy that they “had walked” or “once trod” in truth, but that they continued to do so. Nothing brings joy to the father more than when we live what Bro. Sammy preached Sunday Evening, not wasting our valleys. When times become hardest, those that embrace God more closely than they previously thought possible, bring joy to the Father. When we double down on walking in truth, when we reassert our trust in what has safely carried us thus far, we bring joy to Father. Why? Because those who continue to walk in truth, despite hardness, are those that surrender their will and embrace the molding of the Father to conform us into the image of His Son, Jesus.

Therefore, let us walk in truth not so we can take pride in anything that we do. Instead walk in truth so that you may fulfil the desire of your spirit to bring joy, honor, glory, and reverence to the Almighty Jehovah that has adopted you as His child.

Your fellowservant in Christ,

Bro. Jordan Foster


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