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Aug 20 Devotion: Things We Can Learn From Jonah

Things We Can Learn from Jonah (no.4)

Jonah 4

  1. Sometimes the ways of God’s working displeases and angers us. Jonah 4:1

  2. Sometimes we misunderstand the working of God with selfishness. Jonah 4:2

Note: I, me, my

  1. Sometimes the ways of God causes us to pray the wrong prayer . Jonah 4:3

(illus.- Elijah (I Kings 19)

  1. Sometimes even when we are angry with God He is still gracious to us. Jonah 4:14-16

  2. Sometimes God works in our lives to show us just where we are and the way we are. Jonah 4:7-9

  3. Sometimes God’s working is to show us the will of His way. Jonah 4: 10-11

Let us learn the lessons the dealings of God.

Bro. Mike Goodson


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