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Aug 26: Stop and smell the Roses

Text: Song of Solomon 2:1

I AM the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys. Many of us have heard the phrase or may have been told by someone, “you need to slow down and stop and smell the roses.” In a nice polite way, what they are saying is, you are too busy! In this very fast paced, high tech, hectic world in which we live, sometimes we allow our schedules to control us. When this happens, without knowing it or realizing it, instead of the Holy Spirit and God’s hand leading us, we schedule Jesus right out of our day. In this verse we find the Lord said, I AM the Rose of Sharon! The rose is the chief of all flowers for fragrance and beauty. In this verse the God of all Glory condescends and brings himself down to man and compares himself with the Rose. Here HE inserts himself into the life of man. Anyone can go outside and see, smell, and hold a rose in their hand. This shows the Lord is making himself accessible to man! We have access to the God of Heaven, anytime we want! The scripture goes on to say HE is the Lily of the valleys! In Luke 12:27, the Lord preferred the beauty and clothing of the Lily over King Solomon in all his glory. In other words, even in the valley, even in the storm or trials of your life, we can find Jesus sweet and precious! So today, in the midst of our crazy world, stop and smell the roses or should I say ROSE! Enjoy Jesus today and all HIS goodness; your family, your salvation, the smile on a loved one’s face, and all the moments of laughter and love. Don’t take any of God’s blessings for granted, cherish them and live in HIS presence today! Bro. Lawrence Longworth

Isaiah 61:1 “and the opening of the Prison to them that are bound;”


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