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Aug. 4 Devotion: Do You Want More?

Do You Want More?

John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease.

There are certain things in life that we wish we had more of that really can’t fix at all or can’t easily fix anyway. We can’t magically get more time when needed. If I wanted more hair I can’t wave a magic wand and it be there. Then there are things that if we want more of we can control a little more. If want more money we can work more. If wanted more food in your pantry you could go to grocery. Those things we seem to put forth the extra effort for when we want more of it. We might work some overtime to get more of something or we will seek a better paying job when think more money will help in some way. John tells us here that if we want more God in our lives we must decrease. Seems to be a rather simple instruction. How much of it do we truly practice though? How much more God do we want in our lives? We just came out of a great Camp Meeting. Do we pray for another meeting to break out just to see God move more? How much do we seek His face to show up more in every service throughout the week? How much more do you desire to learn about Him? Do you know anymore about the Bible than you did last week? How much closer do you desire to be? How much more of Him do you truly desire in your life? These are all things we can control. It’s His desire to meet with us, and be Lord of our lives. However, we must humble ourselves before Him and get rid of the pride we have in our heart. If we truly want more of Him we can get that. Like John says here in the Scripture though it’s going to take us decreasing and truly seeking Him!!

God bless you today! Bro. Josh Richardson


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