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Aug 7 Devotion: Thoughtful Steps

Proverbs 4:26 – “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.”

In this proverb we find that there is more than one way to tread as we seek to follow God. One can follow in hesitancy or one can ensure that all their ways are established. One can zealously and thoughtlessly surge toward a goal, or one can ponder the steps they will take before making those steps.

The key word that brought further insight into this verse is established. Establish does not mean to start or found something, as often used in today’s language. Instead, and more perfectly defined, it means to make permanent and unshakable.

God will direct our path, but it is our duty to give due diligence to the steps that we take before making them. We must ponder (consider thoroughly) everything about the steps we make.

First, we must ponder the intent of our steps. Are we walking in fullest assurance of God’s will, or are we walking in insecurities and doubt? Are we walking because we think it’s the right thing, or are we’re solidifying our life as an example of Christ living in us?

Second we must ponder the longevity of our steps. In other words, we must ask, “Will my steps today survive the storms that come tomorrow?” Are my steps self serving, and set upon the shifting sands of pride? Or are our steps in service to the Lord, established forever upon the rock of our salvation? If our steps are blown away with the storms of life, our testimony is likewise scattered because everything we thought was worth walking towards was blown away in an instance.

Finally, we must ponder the viability of our steps. If we think that stand, it is stone to take account of ourselves, lest we fall. Why are you confident that your step will be established if you were to make it? Because of confidence in your abilities, knowledge, or excitement? Or is your confidence derived from the Word of God, the Voice of the Spirit and your faith in the Savior?

Ponder before you step. Those that do will have an everlasting testament of their devotion to God, direction from God, and durability against the world’s corruption.

Your fellowservant in Christ,

Bro. Jordan Foster

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