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Dec 30 Devotion: Even So!

In Rev. 22 the scriptures reveal some final things.

*the final…

A. Preparation -v. 10-12 (instruction)

B. Partition -v. 14-15 (distinction)

C. Petition -v. 17

D. Portent -v. 18-19 (warning)

E. Promise -v. 20a

F. Prayer -v. 20b

G. Preference -v. 21

Note: John, in lieu of what he’s been privy to see; the prophecy, plagues, peril, praise of The Lamb, and the prepared place… cries: Even So!

Rev. 22:20- He which testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

Even So!

*our prayer too should be: even so Lord…

1. Convict Sinners!

2. Crown the Saints!




-Presence of God

3. Confound the Stubborn!

4. Consume the Seditious! (false teachers)

5. Crush Satan!

6. Come Savior!

Are you in position to pray this way? Even so!

–Pastor Doug Foster


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