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Dec 4 Devotion: God’s Schoolhouse Of Learning


2 Timothy 3:7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

In our recent revival here at the church, Bro. Greg Phillips brought a message around the thought of getting our report cards. We have all received report cards in school, and we were given a letter grade or feedback from our teachers on where we stood in each subject. When I came across this verse in our text, I was reminded of my daily walk with Jesus. What would my grade be right now? Am I excelling in the Lord’s work? Am I just an average Christian? We know that we are all a work in progress, INCOMPLETE as far as the Lord and HIS Grace in our lives. Our souls were made complete IN JESUS when we were saved, but Jesus has not finished HIS work in us and through us until we meet HIM and bow at HIS feet. There have been many, many times that I have felt like a failure in serving the Lord. Through God and HIS Grace, Jesus picked me back up again and I did not quit. Failure is when we decide to quit or notto get back up again and keep going. One thing is for sure, the Lord will bring us lessons in life to teach us and bring us to the knowledge of Truth.

The Lord in HIS heart of love for us, will teach us in a way that will ensure learning takes place in our life; through sufferings, trials and tests of our faith. When everything is ripped out from underneath us, we find out what we are standing on! This is when you and I will learn what is inside of us. There will be times when our faith is weak, times of fear, doubt, and mistrust in God’s plan. When the Holy Spirit reveals the Truth to us about where we stand it can be difficult to bear. God’s Word is a looking glass, a mirror and it will never lie to us. No one is comfortable looking into the mirror of their heart because we usually don’t like what we see.

It is through the lessons of our lives that the Lord reveals to us, little by little, trial by trial, until we arrive at the place of fullness in HIM! It is through faith and faith alone, that infinite possibilities are born. You may say, what can Jesus do with my life? The possibilities are endless and infinite when we place ourselves fully in HIS Hands! The Holy Spirit will not rest with HIS work on us until HE has all of us, and until we have all of HIM.

Friend, what is keeping you bound in unbelief, doubt, fear and anxious thoughts? These things will keep us in bondage and hinder God’s purpose for us. The very place God has you in right now can be HISgreatest schoolhouse of faith and learning in your life, if you will but surrender to HIM and be the clay in HIS Hands. No matter how hard it may seem, trust HIM. Every place that we find ourselves, every difficulty we are faced with, every relationship struggle, is an opportunity for learning and growing in our relationship with Jesus. We will never learn the true meaning of praise until we have known tears, and we will never know true victory until we have experienced loss. God’s school of learning is housed in the days of our lives and written out in the textbooks of our circumstances. It’s my prayer for you today, if you feel you have failed or are failing; to know our God is a God of Grace and many chances. Lean on the Lord and HIS strength, allow Jesus to pick you back up and be determined to pass the test and learn the lesson HE is teaching you during this time.

Bro. Lawrence Longworth

Isaiah 61:1 “the opening of the prison to them that are bound;”


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