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Feb 3 Devotion: Able to Carry On

Proverbs 10:25—“As the whirlwind passeth, so the wicked is no more: but the righteous is an everlasting foundation.”

There is a simple truth of this verse that offers encouragement to anyone that seeks after God and strives to walk according to His will. All men are born wicked (sinful) which is why Jesus told Nicodemus, “Ye must be born again.” We know that our flesh is still wicked after our soul is saved, thus the ever present requirement to deny the natural man and embrace the spiritual nature Christ birthed in us.

All things that are wicked will pass as a whirlwind passes. Sin is what makes one wicked, and death came as a result of sin. All things holy are eternal. Before Adam’s and Eve’s sin, everything was permanent. The notion of temporary came with sin. Sin cannot last, for in its very nature it is impermanent. That is why the need to satisfy sinful urges will always resurface, because sin cannot satisfy due to its lack of permanency. So when we are in the midst of a whirlwind powered by wickedness we know that it will pass.

Regardless of where this wicked whirlwind originates (whether it be from spiritual wickedness in high places, other people, or even our own flesh) we can take comfort in the fact that that whirlwind will pass. No one can buffet us indefinitely with wickedness, especially considering our Heavenly Father and our Advocate Christ Jesus.

I do not mean to say that whirlwinds cannot be intense and prone to cause destruction. Just as a tornado can tear the roof off of a house, shatter windows and leave debris strewn about the yard, so too can a spiritual whirlwind affect a righteous child of God. Yet, all those effects, just like the wickedness that caused them, are also temporary.

A roof can be patched or reinstalled, windows can be replaced, and debris can be hauled away. So long as the foundation of the house is still firm and unbroken the righteous will survive the aftermath. The foundation was laid long before the rest of the house was erected, and so long as the foundation remains the house can be restored to its former state.

The righteous knows that wicked winds will pass and is able to bear the losses to the temporal because of his faith in the One who is eternal. Our foundation is steadfast and sure, because our foundation is Holy. Satan tried to take everything from Job, but the devil couldn’t take Job’s foundation away. Daniel went into the lion’s den but his foundation could not be shaken.

So when the gale begins to blow, know that this too shall pass. Though the house may be battered, your Rock will still remain Solid. Understand that God will carry you through the storm and enable you to rebuild once the wind stops howling.

Your fellowservant in Christ,

-Bro. Jordan Foster


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