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Jan 8 Devotion: Hungry For Honey

Proverbs 27:7 “The full soul loatheth an honeycomb; but to the hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet.”

The truth within this verse explains the current spiritual state of the world, and particularly America. Where once poets penned lyrics about how beautiful our nation was and how God had shed abundant grace upon this land, now the talking heads we find in media are obsessed with how awful out nation is. What has changed? Certainly not God, and for the most part the land we call America has not changed. It is the soul of her people that has changed.

Where once we were overtly joyous for a land that was free of tyranny and offered freedom to worship God, now we get furious if the drive-thru line is too long. The honeycomb of God’s goodness is loathed by the masses because their souls are stuffed to burning with spiritual fast food and junk food. All the while those that are spiritually starving will scarf down any filthy morsel as if it were a Thanksgiving Day meal.

The lost, and even those saints that have made a home in a farm country, see anything that could temporarily alleviate the hunger pangs of their soul they instantly latch onto it. Why is their an opioid epidemic? Because the hungering soul of so many is temporarily forgotten with the rush of substance abuse. Why are “feel good” churches packed week in and week out? Because hearing how good of a person you are, tricks the mind into believing that it is true, and the hungering soul is accepted as “normal.”

Why are so many saints isolationists and loathsome concerning the Great Commission? Because they are full to bursting with God’s goodness and satisfied into comas. When you aren’t hungry honey is a nuisance; it’s hard to manage. But that is the very nature of the things of God. What man can lay hold to the things of God and control them? It is ignorant to ever attempt such a thing.

God’s honey leaves some stickiness behind. If you’ve had your hand in honey, everyone you shake hands with will know about it. But the souls that are fat with complacency see it as a bother to even deal with the honey, they want something easy and mess-free. But if you want the fullness of God’s bounty, you’re gonna have to let God leave his mark on you.

Honey is a natural way to fight allergies, if saints avoid the honey they’re going to find out too late that their new creature is allergic to worldly living. Honey is rich in protein, which is what our bodies use to build and maintain muscles. Saints will atrophy and their spiritual strength will die when they become “too full” for the honey of God.

Let our sincerest prayer be that we learn to covet the honeycomb above all else and forsake those things with make us feel full but rob us of our hunger for God.

Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster


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