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July 14 Devotion: Holy Unification

Ephesians 4:3 – “ Endeavouring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.” Often people think of unity in the church as a bond between the members of the church. Some consider unity as merely friendliness and being considerate to acquaintances within the church. These ideals are what the world carnal world would consider to be unifying. Biblical unity is something altogether different.

What God expects from local called out assemblies is unity of the Spirit. Not unified goals or ideals within the spirits of the church members, but a unity that is formed and maintained by the Holy Spirit.

We also read in the New Testament of how God firstly frames the church assemblies together, this is not mere placement of individuals into a church body. God melds individuals together into a unified and cohesive body of Christ by butting their hearts together in unity through the Holy Spirit.

We know that without unity there is no unction inside the church. We have been exhorted by our pastor to seek after and ensure church unity. Yet, how many have the wrong idea of unity?

If you think unity is simply sitting in a pew, up to three times a week, and not ruffling anyone’s feathers, you are wrong. That isn’t unity, that is someone standing on the outskirts and looking in. If you think unity is finding a clique of people you get along with in the church, you are wrong. Although personal relationships will form in a church, unity is a global unification between all the members. Unification is not having no conflict, unity is all pulling as one in pursuit of Christ’s edification.

True unity is evidenced by love for one another, not merely tolerance. The Spirit will unify the church in such a way that we bear one another’s burdens instead of simply having empathy. True unity fortifies individuals against the world’s attacks for they know that their church family will stand arm in arm beside them for the cause of Christ. Biblical unity is not a thing a man can create, it is born of Father, implemented by the Spirit so that the Son can be lifted high as the head of the Church and draw all men unto Him.

Your fellowservant in Christ, Bro. Jordan Foster


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