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July 23 Devotion: Days That Speak To Us

Days That Speak to Us

Job 32:7 – “I said, Days should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom.”

Intro: Job said Days should speak to us-

Speaks of days to learn from, remember, think about

Illustration- Prodigal son –

Luke 15:18 – I Have – Speaks of yesterday

Luke 15:18 – I Will – Speaks of today

Luke 15:19 – Make me – Speaks of tomorrow

  1. Yesterday speaks to us –

  2. It says – I am gone, learn from me.

  3. Yesterday is the unreachable past.

  4. Yesterday has things we should: Forget, stand on, guard against.

  5. Today speaks to us –

  6. It says – I am at your service, use me

  7. Use me while you can – I will soon be gone.

  8. Use our time wisely, make new decisions, determinations

  9. Tomorrow speaks to us –

  10. It says – I am ahead of you – Prepare for me

  11. Prepare – Physically, Financially, Spiritually

  12. Look forward to- Time with companion, children, friends

-Bro. Mike Goodson


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