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Jun 27 Devotion: Why Can’t Some People See the Handwriting on the Wall?

Dan. 5:8- Then came in all the king’s wise men: but they could not read the writing, nor make known to the king the interpretation thereof.

In this chapter we find a Babylonian King desecrating the vessels from the House of God in drunken revelry. In the midst of the sacrilege, God sent a hand to write on a wall. The King became distraught and called for all the wise men and soothsayers in his providence to come and interpret the writing, but none could. Finally, Daniel was called for and he was able to decipher the inscription and reveal the judgment of God unto the king. This brings me to ask…

*Why Can’t Some People See the Handwriting on the Wall?

*because they’re…

  1. Blinded!


-the Adversary



  1. Broken!  (by Hardships or Heartbreak)

  1. Bewildered!  (Confused)

  1. Busy!

  1. Bull Headed! 

We should strive to be sensitive to The Lord so we call always discern His voice and His Will. If you’re blinded by sin, self, or Satan you need to repent. If you’re clouded by any other means you must get your priorities in order by putting Christ first. May God truly help us in these endeavours!

-Pastor Doug Foster

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