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June 22 Devotion: Touched with Feeling

Hebrews 4:15a – “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities;

In this verse, we have God clearly stating that Christ, as our high priest, to this very day is touched with the feeling of our imperfections. Though Christ is Holy and part of the Trinity, being wholly God, he feels for you knowing what it was like to be tempted in the flesh. Christ does not merely sympathize for the saints, he feels for the children of God. He does not have compassion on us out of pity, or because He has nothing better to do. Christ intercedes at the right hand of the father for you because His heart is touched with love and understanding for where you currently are. He conveys to the Father how it felt to be tempted and how we feel in our state of infirmity.

Christ does not merely see what afflicts you, He remembers how it felt to be afflicted in such a manner.

The word “touched” means to move the heart of, or, to relate to, or be concerned about. Christ feels for you because of your current state as a pilgrim in a strange land and the desire He has to see you attain your Heavenly position reserved for you. He sees where you are, what you will be, and is moved because He has experienced what afflicts you.

Our God is always aware of what you are feeling and as a result, He is moved to action. Can we truly aspire to be Christ-like without likewise being moved by the feeling of others’ infirmities? So much of modern “spirituality” focuses on how WE are better than THEM (the world). How THEY are sinful and WE are redeemed. Yet, Christ was known as the friend of puli and sinners. You only befriend those whom you are compassionate about.

I wonder how different our church would be if we focused our attention on how it felt to face trials similar to what others are going through. I wonder how our community would look if we spent our time seeing where people are and remembering what it felt like to be under the bondage of sin. I wonder what our country would look like if we were touched with the feeling of others’ current state and being moved to action in the hopes of improving where they will be in the future.

I reckon that a church focused on remembering how it felt to be lost in sin would be the most active in reaching those still lost in sin. I think that those who dare to be touched with the feeling of another’s current situation would be driven to act on that person’s behalf. I’m certain that instead of labeling others and turning a blind eye to their struggles, Christ would have been touched with the feeling of their infirmity and extended grace and mercy to those least deserving of it.

Your fellowservant in Christ,

-Bro. Jordan Foster


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