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May 11 Devotion: Great Things and Greater

Great Things and Greater

                                                      Psalms 31:19-24

These verses talk about and show the greatness of our God. It talks about

good things He has laid up for us. How He has shown us marvelous kind-

ness. It says He preserveth the faithful and rewardeth them plentifully.The

following is a few great things the Word says of our God.

     I. A great fact.  Psalms 126:3

        (The Lord has done great things for us)

II. A good meditation. I Sam. 12:24

        (Consider how great things He has done for us)

III. A gracious promise. Joel 2:21

        (Rejoice for the Lord will do great things)

IV. A great responsibility. Mark 5:19, Luke 8:39

        (Go and show how great things the Lord hath done)

        (Go and tell what great things the Lord hath done)

V. A glorious prospect. John 1:50

        (Thou shall see greater things than these)

       Read-Psalms 103:1-4

                   Psalms 107:8,15,21,31

    Bro. Mike Goodson


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