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Nov. 6 Devotion: A Friend

A Friend

Proverbs 18:24 A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.

The ending of this verse needs no explanation. We most definitely have a friend that sticks closer than not only a brother, but anything we could even think of. The Lord is the best friend we can have. What makes Him that friend? We’d most definitely say that the fact that He would lay down His life for us makes Him a greater friend than we’ve ever known. What about some of the other attributes? The fact that we can go to Him at anytime. Whether we are depressed, happy, angry, etc. Regardless of our mood, we can go to Him and He will be there. Aren’t you thankful He’s a friend that don’t judge us daily. Yes, there is a judgement we will all face. However, I sure am glad that when I go to Him in prayer today that He doesn’t turn me away cause I disappointed Him yesterday! I’m also forever grateful that He’s a friend that I can spend time with Him anytime. He’s always right there waiting on me to make time to spend with Him. Those are just a few of the attributes that by far make the Lord the greatest friend we could ever have. Are you that type of friend? I’m not asking you to lay down your life for a friend, but are others able to count on you? Are you there in their time of need or in their time to celebrate accomplishments or milestones in their life? Are you non-judgmental? I believe it’s ok to not agree with someone’s decision, still be their friend, and not talk down or bad about them. Do you make time for your friends. We seem to live in a day and age where we want to be able to pick up the phone and call someone and expect them to be there when we NEED them, yet can’t find time to get together to just be together. Hopefully, we could all say we have at least some of these attributes and could consider ourselves a good friend. If that’s the case I’d also guess you have someone in your life that you’d consider a great friend. When was last time you let them know how grateful you are to have them in your life? When was the last time you reached out to just say thanks and let them know how much they are appreciated? Whichever it may be today: Be a friend, or thank a friend. Better yet: Do both!

God bless you today! Bro. Josh Richardson


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